Sustainability and CSR training is an important instrument in the implementation of a company’s sustainability strategy and to communicate its commitments to employees and other stakeholders. It will drive change by building knowledge and skills related to the two concepts, raise an understanding of how employees from different departments can contribute to carry out successfully on the targets established and take the opportunity to collect fresh ideas and insights from the participants. It is also a tool to set the basis for the contributors to a company’s strategy to turn the generic concept of sustainability into action.

Questions for companies

Why is training fundamental in the implementation of a company’s sustainability strategy?
How does training support my company?
How does my company improve data collecting to support sustainability measurements?
How will The Azores help?
We will focus on the main objectives of CSR training, precisely driving change by strengthening understanding of sustainability and raising sensitivity. We concentrate to build knowledge in the main areas of sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility and we propose the following modules:
  • Essentials in sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Reporting Standards
  • How to measure sustainability
  • Green products and eco-labels
  • Top performers around the globe and keys to success
  • The benefits of sustainability and CSR

Furthermore, we partner with companies to assess if there are other needs and if there are gaps, we build together on the content of the course.
We have designed our trainings in the framework of GRI, which is worldwide most common guidelines . We also keep an eye open to new trends and to statistics to make sure we offer relevant information and successful examples with proven results.
The benefits of sustainability and CSR training
Strengthen knowledge and turn sustainability into action
Build and maintain the sustainability strategy by engaging stakeholders and enhancing networking around the concept. Create a culture and cultivate core values related to sustainability
Learn how different departments can contribute to overall strategy by reconsidering products, services and operations through the sustainability lens
How is the training delivered?
We design courses by having your needs in mind and delivering on your objectives. We focus on practical advice and we engage participants step by step to build and reinforce knowledge, encourage them to participate in debates and stimulate their critical thinking as we deliver the content.  We offer a dynamic mix of presentations, case studies, videos, debates and group exercises. A final evaluation will be used to measure their understanding.

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We have a background of five years in designing courses with excellent feedback and our dedicated and professional approach will be of great support for your company.