Romania CSR Index is the most important and complex ranking in the sustainability field in Romania. The ranking takes into account mainly the companies that have more than 500 employees, more precisely more than 700 companies in Romania, and also companies that have less than 500 employees that apply in order to be evaluated according to the scorecard.

The 2020 edition is a special edition keeping in mind that it is the first year when all companies which have more than 500 employees are obliged to publish a non-financial report.

You can find more information about Romania CSR Index from 2020 in this flash report: Report_Romania_CSR_Index_2020

Information regarding the methodology:

Romania CSR Index 2020  has 10 sections:

Corporate Sustainability Management

Diversity Policy

Economic Impact

Environment & Climate Change

Human Rights and Anticorruption Policy

Responsibility to Employees

Marketing & Creating Awareness

Investments in Communities

Supply Chain

Material Aspects: improvements, assumed objectives and fulfilled objectives

You can find more information about Romania CSR Index from 2019 in this report: Report_Romania_CSR_Index_2019

Notes on the Romania CSR Index 2020 Scoring:

For the 2020 analysis, the information reported by companies for 2019 (and only as an exception the 2018 data) is taken into account.

For each indicator included in the first 9 categories, the maximum score awarded is 2 points and it is obtained in the conditions in which the company communicated both textual information (1 point) and performance indicators (KPIs) (2 points).

In category 10, Material aspects, a number of 5 material aspects are analyzed and points are awarded based on information such as the improvements registered compared to the previous year, the objectives that the company has publicly assumed and whether these objectives have been achieved.

Regarding the first 9 categories, each category has a different weight depending on the industry to which the company belongs. This weight is essential for calculating the final score of each company. At the end of this calculation, the first 9 categories have a weight of 90% of the final score and the 10th category has a weight of 10% of the final score. In the coming years, the share of the 10th category will gradually increase.

The score for certain indicators, marked in the evaluation sheet with the mention: “Relevance for the company 0/1”, is calculated according to the relevance of the respective indicator for the industry of which the company is part. Specifically, if at least 20% of the companies in the industry has published information about that indicator, this company receives 1 point or 2 points, depending on the information provided, and companies that have not published data do not receive points, so they are not scored when calculating the final score. If no company in the respective industry has published data, the indicator is not taken into account for the final score and no company is thus losing points.

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