Risks and Opportunities

Climate Change will have an increasing economic impact on everyone of us. In a highly competitive environment, the risks and opportunities arising are well worth the companies’ attention.
We are going through a difficult period with volatile market conditions, global warming, natural resources becoming scarce and the level of pollution growing. In this context, green activism is getting stronger, be it on the side of the consumers, NGOs or mass media. In their role of key actors in today’s marketplace, companies should adapt their offers to new requirements of environmental protection and social development and, at the same time, respond to more demanding consumers.

What are sustainability risks and opportunities?

The risks looked through sustainability lens are understood as threats to the success of a company as a result of a social or environmental issue. This also includes missing an opportunity that may contribute to the success of the company. The main areas impacted are related to legislation and reputation. An important aspect is also the perception of stakeholders in regard to minimizing the negative impact on the environment.

Questions for companies to consider

  • What are the social and environmental risks and opportunities for my company?
  • How does my company approaches social and environmental risks and opportunities?
  • What are the growing trends in sustainability?

Our aim is to articulate the environmental and social responsibility vulnerabilities and also to anticipate further buildups. We will look through such aspects as natural resources, pollution and green market trends. We can help decide which of these areas influences the most our clients’ sustainability performance. We only focus on opportunities that may bring a competitive advantage to our clients.

The main benefits of identifying R&O in sustainability

Anticipate risks and be prepared
Identify relevant opportunities with direct impact on triple bottom line
Set ground for a solid sustainability and social responsibility strategy

Acting on sustainability risks and opportunities implies achieving both sustainability value and high commercial value at the same time. It is also important to understand that risks and opportunities are those material for the company as well as for the stakeholders.

We offer our guidance by providing the following reports:
  • Defining and refining sustainability risks and opportunities
  • Possible approaches to address sustainability risks and opportunities


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