How does a company know the best direction in terms of sustainability and CSR?

Roadmapping will serve as a guiding framework for our clients. We will offer the most important tools to develop a successful CSR strategy.
The main focus of roadmapping is to direct decision makers in their projects to integrate sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. This is done by helping them understand the possible impacts on their business, the market trends and stakeholders’ expectations.

Questions for companies

  • What is my company’s sustainability and CSR positioning on the market?
  • What are the opportunities that align sustainability with the commercial success of the business?
  • What are my clients’ expectations as regards corporate responsibility?
The main benefits of roadmapping
Be more prepared to set up a successful CSR strategy
Identify opportunities with potential for development
Provide a framework to help plan the needed capabilities

The roadmapping will clarify how a sustainability strategy is not only about compliance and risk mitigation but also about market opportunities.The insights will prove very helpful for later developments such as building the strategy, defining CSR goals and implementing them.
At the end of this project we will present you the following reports:
  • Benchmark analysis against peers, market leaders and consumers’ expectations
  • Assessment of current sustainability status against GRI G4 Reporting Framework
  • Market trends and their connection to sustainability
  • Recommendations of policies and programs

European Commission Roadmap for moving to a low carbon economy by 2050
G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Accountability’s AA1000 Standards