Building a relevant and successful strategy for sustainability and social responsibility will both enhance reputation and attract media attention as well as provide opportunities to understand and prioritize growth in the new green economy.
Questions for companies
  • What opportunities exist for my business when looking through sustainability lens?
  • What activities are there that bring triple bottom line: align financial, social and environmental interests?
  • Are there new markets my business can explore in the landscape of green products?

By working with us we will explore together the most valuable ways that make a successful sustainability strategy. We will first start by reviewing the recommendations and conclusions from the CSR Roadmapping: peer benchmarking, best practices and risk and opportunities assessment.

The strategy will be built by working on the following steps:
  • Define the material aspects in a Materiality Matrix
  • Set goals for each material aspect
  • Establish actions that will ensure the goals are met
  • Define key performance indicators that will measure performance

The purpose of the strategy is to bring perspective to our clients’ approach to sustainability as well as to set a light to the multiple opportunities that can appear by taking the sustainability journey.

The main benefits of this service

Clarity of the vision and the focus areas
Enhance credibility of stakeholders by committing to ambitious goals
Define practical ways to build sustainability strategy
Ability to prioritize the actions that will bring benefits on the sustainability road
This step can be defined as the most important step when building the CSR report.
We also help you adjust the activities as well as the metrics as a further step to make sure you are on the right path towards achieving great results.