The new modern is ECO

Green products are safe for the people and safe for the environment. Whether they are called eco, bio, organic or environmental friendly products, they redefine value as they address consumers’ health and safety as well as protect the environment and the community where they are produced. The market for green products is steadily growing with 90% of consumers who have bought at least once these products, according to an Eurobarometer of the European Commission.

Questions for companies to consider

  • What are the opportunities of my company to develop or sell green products?
  • Which Eco-labels best suit my products?
  • What are my customers’ expectations?

Adaptation is a key attribute today when arguments against sustainability are untenable. Implementing a sustainability strategy should also consider developing green products or services that respond to new buying behavior of consumers, those consumers who are more informed and more concerned about the quality of products they buy and who are more environmentally conscious.

Consumers’ desire for responsible products is driving the marketplace to regulate the manufacturing  and the markets are searching for control measures such as eco-labels, a convenient tool that certifies the environmental attributes of a product. To name just a few: EU Ecolabel, Fairtrade, FSC, Agricultura Ecologica, Energy Star. The market force of these products is visible in different circumstances as hypermarkets constantly grow the areas dedicated to green products and as Ecolabelled products communicate increasing figures every year (Counting 17000 products so far).

Benefits for working with us

  • We bring clarity to help you identify the green products that best suit your business goals
  • Insights of different eco-labels on the market
  • Develop marketing strategies for green products
  • Price strategy to differentiate green products from conventional products


The EU Ecolabel
European Commission: Single Market for Green Products: Facts and Figures