The third edition of Community Index started in April 2022!

In this edition, we analysed around 850 projects and programs dedicated to community investment. This allowed us to have a 360 degrees perspective of the CSR arena in Romania and be able to help an ever-growing number of companies improve their CSR performance.

Profiling Excellence in Community Investment

The Analysis

WHAT? The third index of programs and projects developed by Romanian companies for community investment starts in April 2022. The index will highlight strategic projects that place more emphasis on issues such as stakeholder involvement or short-, medium- and long-term impact measurement.

HOW? The information collected will be structured according to the communities in which companies have invested: health, education, environment, sport, healthy living, support for entrepreneurs, etc. There are 18 communities in total. At the same time, we aim to have the largest database of CSR projects in Romania, so we can provide detailed case studies to support companies on their way to increasing their performance.

WHY? This research comes as a response to the growing interest of companies to address the Corporate Social Responsibility field, as emerged from the ranking Romania CST Index 2021. We believe that a strategic initiative to invest in the community has clear benefits for both companies and for communities.

The results are published on Community Index website: 2022 Results. They will also be published in Community Index Magazine 2022.

In the 2022 edition of Community Index Magazine, you can expect to find an impressive plethora of information as regards the CSR domain in Romania and also expert advice from international professionals.

>800 companies analyzed

260 pages

80 distinctions

18 categories

13 interviews with international experts

23 interviews with local experts

20 case studies

2 languages (Romanian & English)