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Sustainability and CSR Consulting
The Azores is an agency specializing in sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We provide our services to national and multinational companies located in Romania. We help our clients grow their competitive advantage by  focusing on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Our main services are in the following areas:

  • Sustainability/CSR Strategy
  • Sustainability/CSR Reporting
  • Societal Marketing

How we can help

Strategic solutions according to our clients’ specific needs
We support companies in managing their social and environmental impacts in balance with their economic interests.
We base our CSR consulting services on GRI G4 Guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative), for which we are certified. GRI is the most widely used standard for CSR reporting.This is done by addressing areas such as:  reducing the ecological footprint, encouraging a positive impact on stakeholders or designing responsible products and services.
You can find out more about GRI G4 from this presentationthat we have prepared in Romanian.

The Azores is regularly conducting research to assess the CSR developments on the Romanian market. Our first study is called ‘Top Cei mai responsabili retaileri alimentari din Romania in 2014″.
It is an assessment of the retailers in Romania. The main conclusion of the study is that food retailers invest primarily in supporting their community. Other interests include green products and local buying, though these are less prominent. You can follow this link for more details on the CSR performances of food retailers.
Also, you may read our analysis of the CSR landscape in Romania, for 2014, by following this link:
CSR in Romania, Retrospectiva 2014

Reporting on social and environmental aspects will become common practice in The European Union
There is a growing tendency that companies disclose information on their sustainability activities. Large companies are leading the way and already publishing a CSR report every year. SMEs follow that leadership and are catching up (according to United Nations Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013).
In October 2014, The European Council adopted Directive 2014/95/EU as regards disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups, as of 2017. Also, there are 6 countries that have already introduced laws requesting big companies to publish their CSR report (Norway, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Australia and India).

Future Developments

Pressure is growing for companies, on government side and on consumer side
The business environment is evolving rapidly today with an increasing globalization phenomenon due to higher transport availability and to the digital revolution. This also leads to a more aggressive competition. On the other hand, our planet is threatened with natural resources declining and climate change. This leads to an increasingly strict legislation for the private sector.
In this context, the need for transparency is growing, on the side of consumers, investors, employees or NGOs. All these stakeholders are ever more informed and more demanding. As companies play a crucial role in today’s market place, they are expected to address social and environmental aspects in balance with economic stability.

Delivering results

Our services in sustainability and social responsibility cover a wide range of support: analysis of best practices and peer bench-marking, stakeholder engagement, identifying material aspects,  CSR Reports and societal marketing.
We commit to great results. Our success is our clients’ success.
The services we offer are detailed below:
Sustainability&CSR Roadmapping
Risks and Opportunities
Strategy Building and Implementation

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